A dream born from a passion for teaching
shared by 3 women with a close-knit story…

We have had your same dreams…
To study in Spain and live in Europe
is a unique experience that will,
without a doubt, change your future…

We know what the obstacles are
and our main goal is to help make your path easier…

A little bit of our story

Time to pack!

It may sound simple, but one could say this was the line that brought us here…

And from there, quite the stir was made. A blend of emotions. Forms. Paperwork. Paperwork. More forms. Nerves. Excitement. Fears.
Studies. Coffee. More studies and more coffee… Until the big day arrived…

Well, to be true to facts, let’s rewind a bit…

Silvia Gaute, my mother, was the one born with that special spirit, that gift
that only vocational teachers have. She planted the seed of that shared dream.

In Argentina, our home country, Silvia participated
in several education projects, accumulating
over 40 years of experience.

Edukatic was born in Spain in 2004.
An academy for support and high-level performance for high school and baccalaureate students,
as well as students seeking university admission.

The number of families who trust in Edukatic grows every year.
The team of staff and professionals that work with the academy has tripled in size in order to help all of our students.

And you may be asking yourself…What about OCF?

Online Centro de Formación is part of our shared dream.

10 years ago, Belén and I were 100% involved with the project. We needed to respond
to the requests that reached us from all over the world.
Dozens of students asked us for help getting into the Spanish university system.

That was how we created OCF.
Our goal: eliminate borders. Our core value: honesty.

New technology, the efficiency of our Vlamer method, and
the ability to provide academic and legal solutions to international students
are the foundations of OCF International.

At OCF, we want to help you achieve your dream
of getting into one of the best universities in Spain.

¿Shall we get started?

Paula Miramón
Founding member

The founders

Silvia Gaute Poch

Director, coordinator, and insatiable investigator.
If there’s a new project,
it starts in her head :)

Paula Miramón Gaute

Head of the New Technology Department applied to education.
If there are computers in the mix,
she’ll be close at hand.

Belén Miramón Gaute

Head of consultancy and legal management.
If you have questions about studying in Spain,
she has all the answers.

Our team of teachers and partners

Doris Pérez Méndez

Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology
Masters in Teacher Training; specialty in Geography and History

Miguel Guerrero Hernandez

Degree in Chemistry
Masters in Chemistry and Technology
Masters in Secondary Education Teaching
Doctorate in Chemistry

Nuria Martí Azorín

Degree in Hispanic Philology
Certificate on Pedagogical Aptitude

Enrique Galián

Degree in History
Masters in Teacher Training; specialty in Geography and History

Maricarmen Lara

Degree in Biology
Masters in Secondary Education Teaching
Doctorate in Biomedicine

Francisco Pérez Chacón

Language professor
Degree in Journalism
Masters in Secondary Education Teaching

Arantxa Carbó

Graphic and digital designer

Our academy in Barcelona

Every day, we strive to help our students reach their highest academic goals

We are specialists in Studies in Spain

Spain currently offers more than 6000 different degrees and licenses. It is a point of reference at a national level for the high academic quality of its universities. That is why hundreds of foreign students choose to complete their studies in Spain each year.

At OCF, we specialize in helping pre-university students, and our goal is to become a bridge between them and the university system.

Find out about our Vlamer method