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This course does not have a registration cutoff date. You can sign up and start whenever you want.
You will be able to access the course 24h after you have enrolled, and access is available until the exam date.



Your doorway to Spanish university.


The number one academy for Selectividad preparation


For any students who need to take theirUNED Specific Competencies Exam to enroll in aSPANISH UNVERSITY.

It is ideally designed for:
-> students who wish to take the PCE exam for the first time at the 2nd call,
-> students who have taken the exam on the 1st call and want to raise their exam marks on the 2nd call,
-> students who flunked the first exam and want to raise their chances of success in September.


You can select from the following subjects:

  • Biology

  • Spanish Language and Literature

  • Spanish History

  • Business Economics

  • Physics

  • Geography

  • Fundamentals of Art

  • History of Philosophy

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Mathematics applied to Social Ciences

  • Chemistry


With our efficient long-distance study methods, 99% of our students pass each year!

Includes ALL necessary material to study efficiently and to pass with high marks!

Our own teaching staff designs and selects study materials. We have prepared summaries, diagrams, charts, sample exams, study TRICKS, and more for you. We know what the examiners expect, and we explain it all to you clearly and without secrets.

The course is given by education professionals with degrees in the subjects they teach, as well as lots of teaching experience.
They are all part of Edukatic and OCF’s teaching staff thanks to the qualities they possess that align with ours: professionalism, dedication, high pedagogic and motivational skills, and empathy.

You will have the study material, exercises, forum access, and recorded class videos at your disposal in order to benefit from them whenever you work best.
Important: you will have access to the Campus and all the benefits of the purchased study plan from the start of the course until the date of the 2nd CALL for the 2019 exams.

You will be able to attend 4 lectures per subject (2 each month). These lectures will summarize the most important content that the exam may feature. Classes are in groups and will be given via video call.
Each class will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The final 30 minutes will be used to resolve questions from attendants in the live CHAT. The teacher will use different didactic methods in each class, such as PowerPoint presentations (accessible afterward via the Campus), Virtual Board, videos, and more.
The maximum attendance for each video call is 8 students. This way we can offer individualized attention to each student.

If you can’t make it to the live lectures, don’t worry; you can download them from the Campus! And if you did attend but want to review the presented contents, you also have the recordings at your disposal.

Ask any questions you may have in the dedicated forums for each subject, and your assigned teacher will help you resolve them in under 24h.
Don’t leave gaps in your studies! The best teachers are here to help you.

We have designed a complete collection of exercises based on exam models so that you put your acquired knowledge to the test and be ready for exam day.
Through the Campus, you will be able to access interactive activities designed to give you an immediate evaluation. You will also be able to see suggestions and correct solutions.

In order for you to get personalized feedback from your teacher regarding some of the more complex activities, you will also have access to a large number of practice exercises with personalized correction.
These activities are based on past exams and will help hone your ability to solve exercises and correctly present answers. You will receive a personal evaluation from your teacher, as well as suggestions for how to improve for the real test.

From day one, you will have the support of a general tutor for academic questions along with the support of teachers for each subject. We will help you follow an organized and efficient study schedule in order to achieve your objectives.
To succeed in your exams, efficient planning and application of study techniques are essential. We will help you maintain a good rhythm so that, when the exam date arrives, you are both prepared and stress-free.

We are your doorway to university, regardless of where you are


  • WE HAVE EXPERIENCE: we have been working and striving for quality education for more than 40 years.

  • TRUST: “Online Centro de Formación” is the online academy of the education group Creduka 2004 SL, a company situated in Barcelona, Spain.

  • THE BEST TEACHERS: Our teaching staff follows a rigorous selection process. All of them are licensed and experienced.

  • TOP QUALITY: We strive to provide high-level education, which enables our students to achieve their greatest academic goals.


Intensive Selectividad course

ENROLLMENT: 90€ (Free!)

Price per subject: 350€

(You may purchase a minimum of 1 subject)


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Thank you so much. You have done an excellent job and have been an indispensable help for Pere. As you know, he begins studying in the United States in September. We’ll be counting on you in the future. Hugs,

Mom of Pere

At Edukatic, we have found excellent teachers and an incredible level of involvement and professionalism.

Gómez Bayés family

I would sum up Edukatic/OCF as commitment and interest in the student.

M. Abarca

First and foremost, we are very happywith the academic results our daughter has achieved over the last two months thanks to the support and motivation provided by all the teachers at Edukatic/OCF.

R. Rodriguez

We are very happy with your work. “P” is always happy when he comes home, and this we’re pleased with this because it’s something to be thankful for when a boy his age goes happily to an academy every day.

M. Puigbó

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