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Online classes for baccalaureate

Who are these private, 100% online, OCF classes for?

PRIVATE ONLINE OCF CLASSES are specifically designed and highly recommended for:

  • Students preparing for university entrance exams (EVAU, PAU, PCE):
    Our one-on-one classes are for you if you need specific questions resolved, or if you need intensive help to prepare for one (or all) of your exam subjects.

  • Students preparing for end-of-trimester baccalaureate exams:
    Raise your odds of passing with high marks with our private distance classes.

Moreover, our PRIVATE AND PERSONALIZED CLASS format greatly benefits:

  • Any baccalaureate student in need of specific help in one or more subjects:
    A specialized teacher will help you understand and assimilate even the most difficult content.

  • Any baccalaureate student in need of general tutoring in one or more subjects:
    OCF’s teaching method applies the most efficient study methods to noticeably improve academic results.


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Reserve a date and time for your next class, indicating beforehand the content you need to cover.
(Spanish peninsular time)

Connect with your OCF tutor via video conference.


  • 2h of PRIVATE ONLINE CLASSES for one subject.


  • 5h of PRIVATE ONLINE CLASS to be distributed between a maximum of 2 subjects.
  • 3 months of access to your RECORDED CLASSES


  • 10h of PRIVATE ONLINE CLASS to be distributed among a maximum of 3 subjects
  • 5 months of access to your RECORDED CLASSES
  • 5 months of access to the FORUM where you can submit specific questions

What sets us apart?

Teaching staff with a lot of experience

OCF is formed by a team of education professionals with years of experience teaching and aiding students at high school and baccalaureate levels, as well as those preparing for university entrance exams. At OCF, our students find answers to their questions, a methodology based on more efficient study techniques, and permanent guidance throughout their progression.


Pedagogic resources that maximize the use of technology

At the same time, our academy has a department dedicated exclusively to the investigation and improvement of technological resources as applied to education. Because of this, Online Centro de Formacion can help students achieve their academic goals even by distance. Our students always have the greatest ease when it comes to flexibility and quality of learning. Students at OCF find all the help they need to reach their most ambitious goals, both personally and professionally.

Private classes for baccalaureate
Private tutors for baccalaureate
Private classes to prepare for the Selectividad
Online courses for Selectividad PCE

Tailored study contents

An important addition to these factors is the teaching materials which form the online courses at OCF. Our students have access to tailored learning content that allows them to get the most out of the study techniques applied to each individual class. We as experienced teachers know that textbooks contain a lot of information that can sometimes be superfluous, mistaken, or simply incomprehensible. It’s common knowledge that this quality factor, characteristic of many publishing houses, leads to wasted time, frustration, and even academic failure for students. Because of this, we strive to create our own content specifically designed for academic excellence and high marks in all subjects.

100% Prepared for the exam

At OCF, we believe that it is indispensable for students to understand what they study, to assimilate content, and to feel confident when they take their exam. Our teachers prepare their individual classes with quality content, summaries, diagrams, essential notes, and tricks in order to maximize content integration for the student.

In conclusion:
If you are a STUDENT: you will benefit from classes with specialized teachers so that you can pass all of your required exams with high marks. Furthermore, with the Plus and Premium plans, you will be able to go back to your class sessions to review any necessary content!
If you are a parent of a student: you will benefit from the most thorough and efficient support to help your child meet and surpass the demands of high school and baccalaureate programmes. To those setting their sights on university studies, OCF is the academy for you.

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