THE ONLY METHOD that lets your RAISE your chances of passing exams with high marks BY A FACTOR OF 10

The Vlamer method

> Maximize your intellectual performance and study super efficiently <

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Only 60% of students who register for
university entrance exams manage to pass enough to gain admission. *

And only 4 out of every 10 students get into their preferred degree programme.

*Most recent UNED statistics

With our VLAMER Method
99% of students pass their exams with high marks
and are admitted into one of the 10 most prestigious universities in Spain.

The goal of our method, proven with over 15 years of experience,
is to raise your comprehension and learning ability by a factor of 10.

To this end, we combine 5 powerful techniques for
studying and stimulating the brain. These techniques lead to much higher learning efficiency.

Technique 1: Visualization and listening

We prepare your brain to absorb knowledge and achieve the highest possible study efficiency.
According to important investigations, 80% of what we learn is accomplished by sight.
Because of this, the first step in our method is to take advantage of the strongest sense we have to learn more quickly, all while augmenting your ability to remember things.
EACH TOPIC within every subject features a video class specially designed to awaken your senses of sight and sound for faster comprehension. Each subject is summarized in approximately 7h of video classes.

Technique 2: Speed reading

We will train your eyes to lead your studies so that you can reduce your invested time by half.
Speed reading was popularized in the United States of America toward the end of the 1950s thanks to a woman named Evelyn Wood.
Evelyn created a system that raised a reader’s average reading speed by 230-300 words per minute (two to five times higher) with better information retention.
In the past 10 years, we have proven that being able to apply the right reading speed to each study situation raises concentration and long-term content memorization skills.
In our method, we have assigned a training space to exercise your sense of sight and raise your reading speed.

Technique 3: Analysis and comprehension with Mind Mapping

We will stimulate your memory 100% visually to “rescue” the knowledge and ideas you need for the exam with greater ease and fluidity.
Your mental potential is limitless. All you need to do is learn how to correctly focus on what you want to learn.
Mind maps are one of the most valuable tools for understanding and memorizing content with greater ease and speed.
Every topic of each subject includes mind maps specifically designed by an expert teacher in order to enhance your comprehension.

Technique 4: Memorization while falling asleep…

We improve memorization skills by tapping into the full potential of your auditory system.
The first study to demonstrate the benefits of sleep for learning and memory was published in 1914 by German psychologist Rosa Heine.
She discovered that learning new content at night before going to sleep enabled a quicker recovery of the studied content compared to learning during the day.
Thanks to many studies conducted since then, we know that sleep is crucial for long-term remembrance of what we have studied throughout the day.
Each topic of every subject features an audio vocabulary option designed for you to memorize the content you need while you rest.

Technique 5: Review before the exam

We enhance thorough comprehension of studied content through the cutting-edge resource that are Podcasts.
The first didactic podcasting initiatives date back to 2005. Their educational applications immediately garnered interest from numerous investigators, as can be seen by the large number of work published on the matter.
These investigations highlight the potential of podcasting during the teaching and learning process, as well as its many benefits, such as reducing anxiety and the stress of exams.
You can listen to them while you follow along with the study material, or while you travel, exercise, or rest on the sofa at home…
Each topic of every subject features a podcast, specifically designed by an expert teacher, with a simple and clear explanation so that you can enhance your learning.

The VLAMER method is the science behind PASSING WITH HIGH MARKS